Mental health · Oliver & Freya · Thinking of the future

Getting back into blogging! 

Ok so it’s been so long since I’ve written any new blog post I’ve been busy with family things and friends coming to visit us from England. 

I’ve had lots to keep my mind busy with and tonight is the first that I haven’t needed to go anywhere or do anything and I am so bored! 

This simply isn’t like me at all because I usually prefer to be alone and to not have anything but my own thoughts to occupy me but the past week has shown me just how bad my depression and anxiety had gotten. 

I am starting I see that although mental health problems do run in my family, that I am very much the cause of a lot of my problems. I think if I put myself out there more I wouldn’t feel so caged in?? 

I dunno I’m kind of rambling on with what ever is coming first to my mind at the moment but I guess I’ve got a lot to think about and most importantly I need to change my lifestyle big time! 

Starting first thing next Monday I will be writing more blog post and Sharing some more photos of my life and kittens so please  keep visiting my site and keep reading! 

I would also love to be a lot more involved in the blogging community so any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated 😊 

Love CAC xo 


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