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Bills, Its Just Too Much…

Sometimes life simply just isn’t fair and sometimes people just aren’t well enough to work for their money. Having a disability is very stressful and when your living with that stress the last thing you need to be worrying about is money. That is were benefits come in, they lend a helping hand to those who need it but why are those suffering with mental health problems treated different?

Living with anxiety and depression can be just as stressful and debilitating as living with some disabilities yet we are seen differently. From my own experience of having mental health problems I find life in general to be very stressful and most times I feel I would need someone else to take over for me and run my life, my finances, my appointments. Sometimes I can even feel that I need someone to tell me when to wash, get dressed, do housework, eat meals and many many more things yet I am expected to live off such a small income which again adds to my stress?

While I do understand that there are people out there who would lie about having a mental health problem to get benefits there are still those of us who really do stuffer from these disabilities that can not be seen.

I do not wish to live a luxurious life style were I am rolling in cash but I also do not want to struggle to afford to buy gas and electric or panic every time one of my family members birthdays come up.

Its just not fair to live life not being able to afford these things because we can not work and any benefits that we are initialled too just simply aren’t enough to live with. Yes Ive gotten payed so now I can buy my shopping, my gas and my electric but what happens if my washing machine breaks down? Ill have to apply for a loan but now this loan has to be payed back £20 a week out of an already small payment that leaves me with little to no money for living expenses yet if I was to have a disability that could be seen I would be able to apply for a benefit that pays more to acomedate this disability. I don’t see how this is fair?

I crumble under pressure due to anxiety. I can’t go to a new place alone because of anxiety. I can’t speak to people that I don’t know with out saying the wrong thing at the wrong time because my mind is fuzzy with anxious thoughts. I can’t get into a normal sleep pattern because of my depression and anxiety and have more problems that medication to treat these mental health problems causes me. All of this stress’s me out because I feel like I am failing, that I can not life a normal life and that causes even more depression yet I am supposed to be able to work?

There is a real stigma about mental health and more and more people are being diagnosed but our own doctors can’t get us an appointment for weeks to help treat us. In that period of time some of us may give up because the can not wait that long to be seem or even that they can not afford to wait that long to be seen… When will this change?



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