Having a sick mum πŸ’”

My mum has truly been through the wars god love her. In 2010 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, the tumour she had was a very rare kind and is the most likely to come back after treatment. Fast forward 7 years and she’s finally gotten remission and we couldn’t be happier but… Chemo is a terrible drug although it kills the cancer it also destroys a persons body in ways that you could not imagine. My mum suffers from a rare disease called sensory neuropathy, it causes her extreme pain in all of her nerve ending. So much so that when she’s bad you can not even touch her, the pain is just to much for her to bare. But she does have her good days sometimes weeks and rarely mouths with no flare up but chemo also destroys your immune system, so every time she gets sick her pains return. It breaks my heart to see her like this especially when I can do nothing to help her but she’s strong. So much stronger than me and I’m very proud of her.

Today is a bad day but there will be a good day very soon. Until then get better soon mum 1.4.3



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